We are initiating this area for the convenience of the many visitors who say they keep coming back to our site for sustenance and solace. Here we will post news about Terminal Tours and identify new items on the site. We expect further testimonials and stories, and readers are always coming up with new questions. If they’re not frequently asked, the answers will appear here. With your permission, we may post the occasional letter or exchange. We may institute a chat room in the future. So check back often.

New Questions

Already we have a few infrequently asked questions:

From TGG in Maryland: “When a friend told me about your site, I thought you gave tours of terminals, like Grand Central in New York. Any plans for that in the future?”

An interesting idea. Michael could have a group begin right in his hometown of Cincinnati, which has the beautiful Union Terminal, and could take AmTrak to Grand Central and other relics of railroading. But given AmTrak’s slow pace, this would have to be a tour for only selected clients. Let us know soon if you might be interested.

From JRC in Arizona: “I think Terminal Tours would make a great new reality TV show. Who wants to watch a bunch of skimpily clad schoolgirls and their pimply consorts on some fake island? My retirement community in the desert is where “Survivor: TT” should be filmed.”

Hooray for JRC. TT will be looking into possible media collaborations with ARP. TT wants to contribute however we can to elderly empowerment. With a massive letter-writing campaign, perhaps airlines could be pressured into providing TT discounts as they do bereavement fares.

From BD in Idaho: “I’ve been enjoying the stories your clients have written, but what about those of us who just can’t get out of bed, or have only a few weeks, or can’t afford one of your expensive tours? Could we send you our stories and photographs? We poor people want to go 'on and on and on' too, you know.”

Our tour is your tour. We have escorted people like you just a few miles when there was no one else to take you. Considering what psychologists call “the life situation,” we feel our charges are reasonable. As for your suggestion, we hope to expand our site and give everyone a chance to live on and on in cyberspace. Check back here in a few months.

From RFF in New Hampshire: “Now that this Ann Logan is taking over for Michael, has TT changed to ST—sex tours?  That Ann looks like she might be hot.”

Michael is the hot one in his essays for Hell: The Magazine.  RFF might want to consider staying at home and reading Hell or Hustler.  Or moving even further north and cooling out.

From DD in New York: “How do I know that I won’t appear in a book by Ann Logan, like some of Michael Keever’s clients do in Passing On?  She’s a writer, too.  Can’t even dying be private?”

AL here, DD.  Your last question is a good one.  If you go on a tour with me, I will give you written assurance that your story will not be used in anything I might write or on the web site, not even with your name changed.  Terminal Tours does not seek to profit from stories about its clients’ happy endings.

A follow-up from DD in New York: “So you say, but how do you respond to the rumor that you are writing a book called Passing Through?”

If I were going to write a second book, I’d think of a title without “Passing” in it.  Even a grant writer doesn’t want to be passé.

So the rumor was part right.  There is a Passing Though, and you appear in it, rather than on its title page.  Since you’re not presented very sympathetically, why do you allow Michael to promote the book on your Tours site?

Even tuition-free education is expensive, and we have a daughter to put through college.  I may have been misinterpreted in Passing Through, but I’ve not been misquoted.  That’s really all one can expect of a non-fiction writer, particularly if he’s your estranged husband.  But more important to me than any questionable factuality of the domestic “he said, she said” is the obvious fact that Michael carefully studied my Passing Off.