Michael Keever was born in Vermont and grew up on a potato farm in the Green Mountain State. He attended Boston College and graduated from the University of Cincinnati where he was an All-American in basketball. After several years of coaching and playing in the Continental Basketball Association and the N.B.A., Michael, his wife Ann, and his daughter Sara moved to Greece. There Michael played for Panathinaikos in Athens, where he was known as “The Greek Key.” He and his wife collaborated on an account of that experience entitled Passing Off: A Season in the Greek Basketball Association. (Click here to read the first chapter of Passing Off)

After leaving Greece, Michael played for professional teams in Italy, France, and Spain before returning to the United States and working as a referee. After an on-court accident, Michael could no longer run and started a surveillance company called Key Security. At the suggestion of his agent, Marv Drinkman, Michael began Terminal Tours to assist those who, like Mr. Drinkman, could not travel alone. (Click here to read the first chapter of Passing On: My Life with the Dying, where Michael describes Mr. Drinkman and the beginning of Terminal Tours.)

This is what the late Mr. Drinkman said about Michael: “Key’s a helper. What he says he will do comes true. He will move you in the States. He will jump you overseas. Teams always trusted Key with the rock. Put yourself in his hands, and you will beat the buzzer.” (For other testimonials, click here.)

During the first year of Terminal Tours, Michael felt so much sympathy for his clients that he wondered if he could continue his unique service. But then his commitment to the needy was revitalized by a trip he created--for a friend named Alice. (Click here for more on Alice and the tour for the cure.)

A man with a physical disability, Michael Keever understands those with special needs. An assist man in his years on the court, Michael knows the value of giving. As a former “coach on the floor,” he is an expert organizer and communicator.  These personal qualities serve him well as a teacher at Queen City College.  To read how doing Terminal Tours affected his philosophy of writing and of teaching, click here for an interview with Michael. And as an experienced world-traveler, Michael can manage any challenge one of his special clients might face.