I grew up in Cincinnati and went to the University of Cincinnati, where I studied Environmental Science.  Before and after my daughter, Sara, was born, I worked at the university writing grant proposals for ecological projects.  When Michael had a chance to play professional basketball in Greece, we moved there for a year, and then on to Italy and Spain.  When we returned home, I went back to grant writing while Michael began Terminal Tours, for which I constructed the web site in the first-person plural.  Now that Michael has taken some time off to teach at Queen City College, “we” has become “I,” probably the reason this little item is an autobio rather than a bio.  Although I haven’t been on planes as often as the ex-athlete Michael, I do have extensive travel experience, which includes arranging my family’s four international moves.  In recent months, I have escorted pilgrims to London, Johannesberg, and Costa Rica.  Michael and I worked closely in the day-to-day operation of Terminal Tours, so I bring to our service his managerial expertise and different experiences, those of a daughter, wife, and mother.  I especially hope to help those women, young or old, who might not take a Tour with a man they didn’t know.  So that you can travel in safety and security to your dream locale, Terminal Tours is now fully insured.  Please click here for my Testimonials.  For my responses to several not-so-frequent questions, please click here or on News.