When Alice R. was told that her kidney cancer gave her only three months to live, she came to Terminal Tours with an unusual idea. This thirty-five-year-old woman wanted to visit famous mausoleums in Turkey and Egypt. She hoped to accept her passing on by touring sites of death, but she receives much more: hope for more life. Visiting the first mausoleum in Bodrum on the Aegean, Alice begins to regain her interest in living. Traveling through Egypt from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, Alice regains her appetite and energy and desire. She asks her guide, Michael, to continue her tour, to imagine other life-giving sites for her. Alice’s and Michael’s travels become the remission mission. Read more of this inspiring--and continuing--story in Passing On (click here for more information about this book by Michael Keever, founder of Terminal Tours).

If you have read Passing On and want to know how Alice's tour for the cure continues, click here.