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Michael Keever, Department of Communications

Michael Keever (University of Cincinnati, B.A.) is in his first year as a Field Service Instructor at Queen City College.  For his bio before he joined the QCC faculty, please click here.  His publications include two books—Passing Off and Passing On—and travel essays in Hell: The Magazine, for which he writes a regular column entitled “The Worst Places on Earth.”  To read his essays, please click here.

During the fall semester, Michael Keever is teaching two Creative Non-Fiction courses, Travel Writing and Autobiography:

Travel Writing (03-201, undergraduate) is offered Tuesday afternoons 3-5:30.  The format is workshop.  Students travel to interesting Cincinnati locales and describe their experiences.  Requirements are two short essays and a longer (5-7 page) essay.  No reading assignments beyond the students’ own papers.  No exam. 

Autobiography (03-651, graduate) is offered Thursday afternoons 3-5:30.  The format is workshop.  Students planning to write their memoirs are encouraged to take this course in “life writing.”  Students are expected to produce thirty pages of original (and revised) writing by the end of the quarter.  Required texts: none.

Office hours: Old Factory, 011, Tues. and Thurs. 2-3.