Is there life after death?

This is, by far, the most frequently asked question--by pilgrims, by visitors to this site, by people who come to know Michael Keever and the service he provides. Here is his personal answer: “I called my book `Passing On’ and not `Passing Away’ because I came to believe that one way or another--or one way after another--we humans keep going on and on and on.”


Is Terminal Tours affiliated with Make-A-Wish-Foundation?

We have granted a wish to one person under the age of twenty-one, but we refer health-threatened adolescents and teenagers to the wonderful people at Make-A-Wish. We like to think our tours reverse their slogan to “joy, strength, hope.” Because Terminal Tours does not yet have the institutional support that the Foundation has, it is necessary for us to charge for our services. We do accept major credit cards and, of course, promissory bequests.


Is Michael Keever available for personal appearances, such as lectures and seminars?

Yes. He has given talks in medical schools, in university thanatology courses, and in hospices. Michael has also conducted seminars for persons in the caring professions. He was the keynote speaker at the last TOD (Tour Operators for the Disabled) convention. And because of the critical success of Passing On, Michael recently hosted a creative non-fiction writing seminar called “Voyage Hope,” a one-day cruise on the Ohio River, which he hopes will become an annual event. Click here to read about "Voyage Hope" in an interview with Michael Keever.


Is Terminal Tours some kind of kinky escort service?

No! And we don’t understand the frequency of this question, though we believe that persons who type “escorts” into a web browser come to Terminal Tours because we provide what are known in the travel profession as “escorted” or “guided” tours. Please see the photo in the biography of Michael Keever. Michael is a man and a happily married man who does not discriminate against anyone in need.


Where can we buy Terminal Tours paraphernalia?

We now give our “On and on and on” tee shirts and sun hats to our pilgrims, and we will have these popular items--as well as other mementos such as coffee cups, bookmarks, posters, and dolls--available to the general public soon. When litigation with AT&T is resolved, TT&U tee shirts will also be for sale. Some of our pilgrims ask that we tape their tours, and we hope to share these tapes with you once privacy and permission issues are settled with the pilgrims or their estates.


Is there life after death?

See above, see below. We’ve repeated the question here because it’s so often repeated by those who contact Michael and Terminal Tours. After talking with scores of pilgrims and after reading among the world’s religious systems, Michael once answered “Who can say there isn’t? The other world is always another place. The answer is keep moving, keep touring, keep looking.”


When I do a Google search for “Michael Keever,” why do some hits list him as a character in a novel and not as the founder of Terminal Tours?

We have initiated a suit against the “novelist” who has exploited for his own personal profit Michael’s name and the marvelous work he does. This novelist has, in fact, been exposed in the online “Museum of Hoaxes.”


Do you do assisted suicides?

No! Dying with dignity is a wonderful idea. What we do at Terminal Tours is give our pilgrims “dignity now” and happy experiences they can remember in their passing moments.


When will the movie be out?

Screenplays based on Michael’s first book, Passing Off, have been written and optioned but not yet filmed despite the numerous cinematic qualities of that basketball story. A famous director, whose name we can’t mention right now, has shown considerable interest in filming Passing On as Deathbusters. And a prominent actress, whose initials are J. R., is reported to be “lusting for” the role of Alice in Tour for the Cure.


Are the chain letters we’ve been receiving really from you?

Like Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charitable organizations, we are plagued by those who would prey on the good hearts of Americans. No, we do not solicit contributions for the “Key to Life Foundation” or “Tour for the Poor” or the “Lope for Hope” marathon in Chicago. Needless to say, we are not responsible for chain letters that promise to save a life if they are circulated on and on. We do, however, ask you to forward the address of to your friends and family, so that people all around the globe can learn about the valuable work we do.


There’s a rumor being spread on the Internet that Terminal Tours is affiliated with several funeral homes. What is this about?

This is a vicious lie, possibly initiated by a copycat company called “Death Trips,” which in itself may be just an Internet hoax to provide entertainment for the morbid and cynical. We are not affiliated with and we do not recommend providers of final services. We have no corporate affiliation with airlines, hotels, rental car companies, clinics, drug companies, or hospitals. We also do not provide links, partly because of the difficulty of monitoring other organizations, partly--and we hope not proudly--because we believe that Terminal Tours offers a unique service.


Is there life after death?

See above, no below. Quoting Michael: “`Terminal’ means both end and beginning. The root of `tour’ is return. No one has returned to tell the tale, not the non-fiction version. We can only hope.”